On Being a Beginner & the Joy of Skiing

Happy New Year! I did not set out to write an advice post, but learning how to ski over the course of the last year has had a profound impact on my general outlook on life, as well as how I view the outdoors and winter recreation. Here are some things that I learned along the way. Kirsten…Read more On Being a Beginner & the Joy of Skiing

Highlights of Oregon – Part 2

In our gazeteer Southeast Oregon appeared to be an unremarkable expanse on the map. It was mostly lacking in color, indicative of little topographical variation, and lacked the clusters of variably sized city dots of the more densely populated Cascade spine and west coast.  My inclination to explore was guided only by a stunning Instagram post about the…Read more Highlights of Oregon – Part 2

Highlights of Oregon – Part 1

Oregon houses a patchwork of awesome ecosystems within its borders and we spent just over two weeks exploring from the misty and perpetually damp forests of the western Cascades to the high desert and Owyhee Canyonlands in the southeast. As always though, it was the inspiring people, friends old and new, that enriched and shaped our experiences in ‘The Beaver State.’ Here are some of the highlights from our time in Bend & McKenzie Bridge.

Under Way!

Sixteen days into our journey and I'm finally publishing our first blog post from a Starbucks in Twin Falls, Idaho. It's been a whirlwind of a time on the road so far, filled with many farewell and dinner parties, entertaining friends in Moby, exploring the sticky, wonderful dirt of Oregon...