How we met and now live in a van. A cautionary tale.

A bunch of f12189650_10208124245047643_7516925203299822442_nolks raft the Grand Canyon, including the author of this blog. Several get engaged on the river, and less then a year later in August 2015, the two protagonists in this evolving tale are introduced/set up at the Fort Bragg wedding of one of those Grandly-engaged couples. An evening of deep philosophical conversation ensues and eventually the newly acquainted boy and girl discover that they are both pretty enamored with the idea of moving into a van and living on the road for a year. Thus the seed that became Moby, our van, was sowed, nurtured along by the added challenge of building out said van while simultaneously developing a long-distance relationship between Seattle and San Francisco.

Fast forward to August 2016. Kirsten (the girl), packs her bags, bids Seattle adieu and moves to Portola Valley, CA, to co-habitate with Rémy (the boy) and his parents, who have already been hosting their adult son for several months after he fled the high rents of San Francisco to save money and work on the Moby. It took approximately 1.5 months of furious van work, several lessons in shared-space living and a few awkward family dinners, but by mid-October 2016 we were able to to launch and set the course for Oregon because it is awesome and a friend wanted to go surfing.  As our plans and path continue to evolve, we’re using this space to document and share our experiences with family and friends and hope to meet up for shared adventures with many of you along the way!

Rémy is a skier, climber, mountain biker and wannabe surfer from San Francisco. He’s an ME and designer who really likes to make things. Things like giant light-up flowers, 18′ tall kinetic mushrooms and extremely well-designed, multi-functional and beautiful van interiors. He enjoyed the process of making Moby so much that it may turn into a career when this trip is over. You can contact Rémy at remyop@gmail.com or on instagram @remyop.

Kirsten was introduced to real mountains during six glorious summers of climbing and backpacking through Washington’s Cascades. She’s worked in the adventure travel industry for nearly a decade, a career that has taken her around the globe as a naturalist guide, tour leader and custom trip-designer. But her greatest passion is helping youth with limited access to the outdoors experience the great wide open for themselves. Kirsten holds certificates in WFR & LNT and just learned to ski last year. Ice climbing, mountain biking, cooking exquisite meals in tiny spaces, writing, sewing and gardening round out her other pursuits, with the last one obviously on hiatus for the year.  Contact Kirsten at kirsteng117@gmail.com or on instagram @kirsteng117.